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Update from Kenya Trip 2014: Empowerment Training

Gayle Hammer had the pleasure and privilege to visit Kenya in July.  She met with the Soul Source Empowerment Training Team throughout the visit to review and assess the effects of the work at the grassroots level.  Visits and meetings took place with many of the Women’s groups that we are involved with around Lake […]

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Update From Kenya Trip 2014: Nursery Schools

It was encouraging to visit our partner nursery schools, meet parents and community members, and especially young students! Soul Source has sponsored three teachers for the certification in Early Childhood Education who are teaching at Mwaganza Kay and Peterson Nursery Schools on Rusinga Island. The first candidate finished in 2013, second woman is ready to […]

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Update From Kenya Trip 2014: Reproductive Health Education Program

In September, the Reproductive Health Education Program was revived at five area schools on Rusinga Island. Students receive support and training from a team of peer educators (male and female) each week beginning in fifth grade through the end of secondary school. The focus areas are : Self-care, life skills, STI and HIV, contraceptives, drugs, […]

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Update From Kenya Trip 2014: Education and OMP

Soul Source plays a unique role in ensuring that qualified girls have access to this school.  Gayle met with parents and students to talk about the importance of each stakeholder’s role in the education of youth at Kamasengre Mixed Secondary School(KMSS). There were certificates awarded for  24 girls and 16 boys enrolled in Operation My […]

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